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The country house “La Spina“ is located (700mts above sea level) upon the green rolling hills which overlook the valley of Apecchio. It is an old stone house which has been rebuilt using the remains of a nearby farmhouse and of a medieval tower.

Within the house past life lingers amidst the old stone walls and the antique tools and objects once used long ago. The house boasts a splendid surrounding scenery which reaches afar and includes the grand oak woodlands of mount Nerone, the quaint town of Apecchio - home to the count Ubaldini, the local town church and the beautifully clear–cut outline of the Umbrian - Marches Apennines.         FREE WIFI

Country House La Spina - loc. la Spina, Apecchio (PU) 61042 Italia - - cell. 339.8063402 333.8529701 - tel/fax 0722.99132