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The town is situated in the mountains of Le Marche, next to Umbria with the river Biscubio crossing the town. On a high mountain you'll several villages that are part of Apecchio's municipality. The territory offers large fields of green grass, woods, streams of fresh water and sulphuric waters. The many old ruins in the area are a testimonials of old civilisations.

The marks left by the past let us immagine old settlements of Etruscans, Umbri and Romans, and the most apparent testimonials come from the middel ages, with the dominance of the Ubaldini until half way the 17th century. The Ubaldini family founded the old part of the town of Apecchio, the center of the actual town.

In the towns center you can see the traces left by the Ubaldini, the palace that was initially built on a project of Martini in the 14th century; around this building you'll find other houses that belonged to the rich families of the rinascimento period.

  • Il campanone, which is also the entrance to the historical part of the town, a bell tower with a clock.
  • Inside the Ubaldini palace there is a a museum of the " dei fossili e minerali del Nerone" showing the fossils found on the Monte Nerone.
  • The medieval "donkey-back" bridge situated in the lower part of the town.
  • The Sanctuary of the SS. Crocifisso, in the inside it has some important works as the wooden simulacrum of the 16th century.
  • The globe of peace, situated in Colombara, is a turning globe made of wood that was mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records for its size.


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